Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I was pregnant...

Tuesday, June 21st, the first day of summer and I'm pregnant!  I took a pregnancy test every day for 5 days to make sure it was still there and to convince myself that this was real.  I was so happy.

Friday, June 24th, ObGyn visit for lab work to check thyroid specifically and pregnancy hormone levels.

Monday, June 25th, ObGyn calls and thyroid levels are NORMAL but at the beginning of 6 weeks, HcG level was only 45??

Tuesday, June 28th, I lost my pregnancy.  I called the Dr.'s office and the most kind nurse took the time to listen and explain everything that was happening and what to expect over the next few days.  I was early enough in the pregnancy that we can begin trying again next month...so there's the silver lining.

Husband is not here.  Work has pulled him away.  I want so badly to call my mother, but I do not trust her to keep this quiet and I need for this to be kept quiet.  I've taken the day off to sleep and just be.  I'm watching the most un-baby thing I can find - Tru Blood.  It's helping to keep me numb.  Hoping to take a nap soon.

CD 1...again

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