Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello June...

Every so often I need a change. I usually satisfy this need with a change in scenery, hence the new blog design. A change in color or layout around me really awakens my senses and re-energizes my spirit.

Microsoft Clipart
Today is CD12 and I am "now awaiting ovulation" as FertilityFriend so eloquently puts it.  Oh are like that friend that I look forward to seeing everyday, but then feel anxious and a little let down after our visit.  My goal this cycle is to enter my data early in the morning and then get out...not to return for at least 24 hours.  It's funny how I log in multiple times a day just to look at my chart, like if I log in enough times, the data is going to change or reveal some hidden information.

I've started exercising again.  Since starting our journey, I've "taken it easy" and avoided too much exercise.  This has not helped because I'm still not pregnant, so I'm trying to incorporate exercise for my physical and emotional well being.  I've not gained any weight, but I've definitely gone soft.  :\  Yuck and not helpful when convincing Husband to BD for the 100th time.

Sending positive thoughts and love to all of my blogging friends.  (I'm dropping the "until next time" bit.  I'm over it.)

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