Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Waiting On Tuesday...

I'm halfway through the 2WW for Cycle Siete (7).  FertilityFriend says "test day" is Tuesday.  I'm staying extremely positive this month.  I won't let myself go there...I just won't...not this time.  Tuesday can't get here fast enough and at the same time, I know I'm terrified of that day.  I have a friend I've confided in about our journey and she has been SUCH a good listener and a truly AMAZING friend.  I chose the right one. :)  Thank you God for sending her to me again!

Celebrating Father's Day tonight with my dad, maybe seeing indie film at new place in town tomorrow night, and other Father's Day/family activities this weekend.  This should help keep me calm and happy through the weekend and my mind on other things.

Hope you are all happy and calm today...if not, find a favorite song, turn it up (I like headphones so I catch everything about the song) and dance until you feel happy again. :)  Here are two of my favs right now...maybe one will work for you too:

Song #1: Wynonna Judd - Burnin' Love
There's something about a powerful female voice that pulls me out of my funk...and I loves me some guitar, rockin' drums, and a soulful song 


Song #2: Lady Gaga - Born This Way
I'm usually feeling pretty fierce by the end of this song and pumped for anything

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