Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Game on...

Well, the doctor's office never called with my results.  I am following the no news is good news philosophy.  Husband wants me to call and confirm that all is normal, but I'm not making that call.  I told him to make that call.  I'm fine.  I know I am.  (I've started watching my sugars and carb intake just to be healthier.  I'm taking this as a wake up call.)

Soooo, back to waiting for ovulation and charting my heart out.  I have to confess, I love OPK time.  Looking forward to peeing on a stick this afternoon and watching for the little pink line that shows up every month to let me know it's time to get it on!  Based on my previous info, I should O over the weekend. Mom and I are having a garage sale, so my mind will be focused on other things - hoping that keeps my stress levels down.  Just the thought of getting rid of all our junk makes me feel amazing!  :)

Hope everyone that is reading this is having a great Tuesday!

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