Friday, July 22, 2011

Answer Brand OPKs

For those of you that OPK, I want to share my experience with Answer's OPKs.  I have been using First Response (FR) 7 day OPKs loyally.  The results coincide with my temperature shifts and therefore, I feel confident about the accuracy of the OPK.  Because we are keeping our TTC a secret, I decided to purchase the OPKs and a box of pregnancy tests the last time we were out of's just easier.  Of course this WalMart did not carry FR OPKs!  I couldn't believe it.  FR is such a popular and well-known brand!  Anyway, I looked through the different brands, deciding against Clear Blue because I did not have luck with their pregnancy tests and chose Answer brand because it looked exactly like FR...maybe this was the generic version.  Arrived home and found that they are exactly like FR except they do not have caps for the pee side of the stick...gross.

  1. First test came back positive or maybe it was negative (it was really close).  I changed it to negative a few days later when I saw the other tests were giving a stronger positive.   
  2. Second test came back positive.  
  3. Third test came back positive.  (The Internet experts on baby making suggest that you stop taking OPK tests once you receive a positive, but I like to make sure we did the deed throughout the possible window of fertility.)  
  4. Fourth test came back SUPER positive. 
  5. Today, I took the fifth test and it came back like the first...too close to call, so I'm calling it negative because the days prior to this one were a much stronger result.  

Since this is the first cycle after the failed pregnancy, I'm ready for my body to be off.  After some research on the Internet again, I'm learning that some OPK tests are more sensitive than others; Answer being one of the most sensitive and FR being one of the least.  It seems that FR picks up on my LH surge on the highest days but Answer picks up on it on all of the days with higher LH levels...even slightly higher, but not surging.  I also learned that there are times when the egg doesn't quite let go and therefore the LH surge may stick around until that egg comes out of the tube.  (Again, this is all from the Internet and I try to search the reputable sources, but there's always a possibility they are incorrect.)  So you can see why I might be nervous about whether or not we have baby danced during the fertile window.  Husband and I have already set a new dancing record.  It's hard not to take it personally when he's not up for it again, but I'm sure he's tired and it's frustrating for him to deal with how long it takes me to get going after days and days of dancing.  My mind is not in a romantic place right now - it's in the "I want to be pregnant and move on to the next phase of our lives" mode.  (Sorry if TMI - hoping my story helps someone else.)

Anyway - I believe I ovulated on the 18th.  I lost the first pregnancy on what would have been 21 DPO, so I am waiting until 24 DPO before testing this time.  I also read that testing after the first day of a missed period can show a chemical pregnancy that is gone a week later, so they recommend waiting a week until testing.  Nice.

Anyway - I hope that this round works as always and I hope this little bit of information will help someone else who is charting!


  1. Haven't hear from you in a while. Just making sure you are ok. Hope life is treating you well right now!

  2. I'm still here...have been thinking I need to post, but my life sounds pretty boring right now and I don't know what to post. I'll take the time to post an update. Thanks for checking in! :)