Friday, May 6, 2011

Waiting on O

So FertilityFriend predicted I would ovulate today and yet OPKfriend says differently.  I'm feeling what I believe is ovulation pain, but temps are still low.  Why do I even mention this?  Because I've ready too many forum postings and the thought of not ovulating is on my mind...even though I have been regular my whole life.  I need to chill.  

I'm spending Saturday with my mother and my pregnant sister.  While picking out a Mother's Day card, I came across a mommy-to-be card that includes a really cute mommy-to-be button (which I bought for my sister).  I wish I were pregnant too so I could wear a mommy-to-be button and celebrate this holiday with them instead of what I will be...the pathetic oldest girl with no baby.  There will be awkward looks and comments about how they know I could be a mother too.  *barf*  Don't get me wrong, I am so happy to celebrate both of them, but I am beyond ready for my day.   

Bubble belly
Bubble Belly

Remind me I said that when I do have kids and I'm wishing for time away from them!

Until next time...

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