Thursday, September 1, 2011


On the days leading up to ovulation, I scheduled two massages.  The relaxation, calm, and focus that I found alerted me that I had forgotten to take care of my own spirit.  I have been so worried about creating the little spirit that would be our first child that I forgot about myself.  I have since had two more massages, and find this two week wait to still be exciting and difficult, but I do not feel the pressure that was always there before the massages.

During the first massage, I confessed to the massage therapist that my husband and I had been trying to conceive for 9 months now and then I started to tear up.  She was so kind and comforting.  She then told me she would pray for me.  Maybe because I was in a vulnerable state, it hit me harder than ever.  What a beautiful thought that someone would talk to God for me.  That blessing provided so much support and love that I felt better before the relaxing massage even began.

Another blogger has said she will pray for me too.  Thank you for those prayers.  They provide so much relief during a time that can easily be filled with shame, disappointment, and uncertainty.

I hope those reading this know that I pray for each of you and ask God that he give you the courage to continue on your journey, the grace to hold your head up and deal with announcements of pregnancy joy, and I ask him to bless each of you that you may be pregnant soon and move on to the next chapter in your lives; full of happiness and family.

This sounds like I'm toasting the mothers-to-be that I have grown to care for and pray for often.  So today I'll sign off with a Cheers!

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