Monday, April 25, 2011

"Pre-baby Cleanse"

"Pre-baby Cleanse" was referenced in a sitcom this past week and it made me laugh.  Cleanse referring to removing all toxic substances from your diet and daily routines.  I participated happily in this "pre-baby cleanse" for five hopeful and exciting cycles.  During Cycle 6 however, I have regressed back to my old ways.  Diet sodas, extra sweets, alcohol, and no sleep are all rearing their ugly heads.  I am excelling at holding down the couch and the treadmill has once again become my catch-all.  The good news is that my conscious is in talks with my sub-conscious to reawaken my motivation and desire to be healthy in general.  My subconscious argues these things make me happy and keep me stress free so I may be more likely to stay relaxed during those lovely two weeks of waiting.  My conscious rebuts with these are signs of stress, so I may need to reexamine my argument.  

Cross your fingers that all goes well in the coming days as ovulation is on the horizon and I need to get my butt in gear!

Until next time...

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